Nervous Flyer? Top Tips For Calming Your Nerves

Boarding a plane and flying across continents and oceans can be daunting for even the most experienced of travellers. If you're nervous about getting on a plane, you're certainly not alone. It's thought that around eighteen percent of people are scared of flying, and that another twelve percent on top of that experience some kind of anxiety around it. But it's important not to let your nerves take over and spoil your trip, being able to get on a plane and travel around the world is one of the most incredible modern luxuries we have and so it's worth taking advantage whenever possible without feeling put off. Here are some tips for calming your nerves on your next flight.


When you're feeling nervous and wondering if it's all worth it, picture your destination and think of the experiences you'll have. Being able to travel and see new and exciting parts of the world is one of the most amazing things you can do in life. Rather than focus on the flight, think about the place you'll be landing in instead.


Millions of flights take off and land successfully every year with no problems whatsoever. While scary, plane crashes and problems with planes account for a miniscule proportion of all journeys. You have more chance of getting in an accident on the way to the airport- not the most reassuring way to think about it but it's true! Don't spend ages dwelling on this, but just remember that planes are very well maintained and an extremely safe mode of transport. 


Herbal over the counter pills such as Kalms and Rescue Remedy are a natural way to make you feel more relaxed, and can ease symptoms of anxiety surrounding your flight. Other herbal remedies have been said to be effective in some people, and so you could visit your local health foods shop and enquire about the kinds of things they have available. Avoiding caffeine can also be helpful, since this triggers an anxiety response in some people. It's not just tea and coffee to avoid, fizzy drinks, chocolate and other sweets can all contain it too.


Keeping yourself busy before the flight means you're not sitting around worrying or getting stressed. Spend the time beforehand taking advantage of the shops in the airport, have a nice meal and chat with your travel companions to take your mind off the flight. It will be over and done with before you know it, and you'll be having loads of fun on holiday!

Are you a nervous flyer?


  1. I'm such a nervous flyer! These are great tips, I need to put these into practice on my next trip. I used Rescue Remedy for my driving test and it seemed to help, so definitely sounds like it would be worth a try for a flight x

  2. I think its important to keep busy if you’re a nervous flyer. It helps if you have someone calm to reassure you too and chat to to take your mind off things. And no watching movies about plane crashes in the run up to your vacation as they can set off nerves