Australian Wildlife Encounters You Wont Want To Miss

Australia is home to some incredible wildlife species, and if you're planning a trip then it's so worth  including at least one animal encounter on your itinerary. There are a variety of different experiences you could go for, here are some of the Australian wildlife encounters that you won't want to miss.


You could go on a day tour, or if you're feeling adventurous go on a trek over a number of days with a company like Camel Treks Australia. Here you have the opportunity to walk, camel ride or a combination of both while exploring the challenging yet exciting Australian outback. You will sleep under the stars, see all manner of wildlife and get amazing photo opportunities. An unforgettable experience in Australia. 


Cuddling Australias most famous animal ranks highly on many people's trips. It's an awesome way to get up close to these beautiful creatures for a highly memorable experience. In many states in Australia it's actually illegal to hold a koala, and so if cuddling one of these cute and fluffy bears is on your to do list then it's important to do your research. Since Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia are the only states which hold licences for this, limit your searches to here. Zoos and wildlife parks including Australia Zoo, Billabong Sanctuary, Cooberrie Park and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary are a few of the places you're able to do so.


A number of companies offer an Australian Safari experience, which is a fantastic way to view some of the countries most impressive wildlife. Over eighty percent of Australia's mammals, reptiles and amphibians are found nowhere else on earth, which means you get a truly unique opportunity. Expect to spot kangaroos, dingoes, crocodiles, Tasmanian devils- even penguins! Whether it's for a couple of days or a month long safari trip, for most people it's the kind of once in a lifetime experience that you'll never forget. 


You can find some of the world’s most pristine waters and diverse marine life in Australia, and so snorkelling with tropical fish is a must on your trip! Expect to see beautiful fish, sponges, crabs, seahorses, reefs, rays and more. Lots of marine parks offer this- you can also do it right from most of Australia's stunning beaches. 


During the whale watching season many tourists visit Australia. Each year, large numbers of Humpback Whales migrate from the Antarctic waters to Australia's shores. You will see them in their northern migration in the months of May, June, July and August. They return on their southern migration from August to December. You can see them in a number of places including Storm Bay in Tasmania, Byron Bay in Queensland, Point Hicks in Victoria and many more locations. If whale watching is on your to do list when visiting Australia, do your research before jetting off so you know the best locations for the time of year. 

Which animals would you most like to see on a trip to Australia?