Why Budapest Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Hungary's capital is a popular tourist destination, with hundreds of thousands flocking to the incredible city each year. Budapest makes an interesting and exciting place to visit, in recent years it has been rejuvenated and is full of fabulous things to indulge your senses. Here are our travel tips for Budapest, and just a few of the reasons why it should be jotted on your travel bucket list.

The Scenery
Previously two cities, 'Buda' and 'Pest' joined in 1831 to create the city we of course now know as Budapest. But the two cities have very differing landscapes. The city which was previously Buda is hilly and mountainous whereas Pest is much flatter. This gives you a great, diverse range of scenery when visiting the city. You have incredible views of the Danube river, the city skyline and cool buildings and monuments which give you endless photo opportunities.

The Attractions
One of the most well known attractions in Budapest are the thermal baths. Since it's located on over one hundred hot springs, the baths offer amazing unique experiences. Each bath is different, some are even said to have medicinal qualities. The Hungarians are a very health conscious nation, and the baths are used for things like aqua therapy which is recommended by doctors. Different pools have different temperatures, facilities and attractions such as offering luxurious massage. Some are more relaxing, others are livelier and others are more suited to families. So do some research before you jet off to discover which will be most suited to you. There are a variety of interesting buildings and landmarks to peruse: Buda Castle, The Hungarian State Opera House, St Stephen's Baslica and Chain Bridge to name a few. You wont be short on stunning sights to see. There are pretty streets to discover and a number of lovely parks and green spaces to stroll through. Plus it has all of the shopping experiences you'd expect from a tourist destination: WestEnd City Center and Corvin Plaza for huge malls, as well as smaller boutiques and bustling markets to discover.

The Food
Hungarian cuisine features meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread and cheeses. Paprika is a spice commonly used although a range of herbs and spices are utilised. Dishes feature things like hearty stews and soups and rich sauces. There are a range of restaurants in Budapest from luxurious upscale establishments to more budget friendly options. Alternatively you could sample the delicious, rustic street food from a range of places around Budapest. Goulash is the national dish of Hungary, so be sure to indulge in this delicious spiced meat and noodle stew on your trip.

Have you been to Budapest? What was your favourite thing about the city?