Three Dog- Friendly Holiday Ideas

Who says you need to leave the country to have a fantastic holiday? One of the benefits of a 'staycation' is that you can bring your beloved dog along with you. After all, they're part of the family too, and there's plenty of things you can do that you'll both enjoy. Here are just a few ideas.


Many campsites will allow dogs. You should always check beforehand, but you shouldn't have too much trouble going down this route. Providing your dog is friendly with strangers and other dogs, and you clean up properly after them, bringing your dog camping with the family is an enjoyable holiday for everyone. There's plenty of wide open space for you to all enjoy, some will even have designating dog walking routes. Whether it's in a camping 'pod' a caravan, a campervan or a good old fashioned tent, camping is an excellent choice.


Canal boating gives you the opportunity to explore the waterways and see the sights, all with your precious pooch in tow. You can stop for walks along the canalside or just sit back on the boat and enjoy the scenery. Be sure to bring plenty of spare towels in case your dog decides he wants to take a dip! Dog life jackets are also a good idea just in case, these have handles on top which allow you to easily hoist them out of the water. 


You might be surprised to discover just how many dog friendly hotels are out there. While in most cases you'll pay a small extra charge for this, it's so worth it to be able to travel with your dog! If your dog enjoys rides in the car then road tripping around the country, staying in various hotels and exploring each area would make an incredible trip. Make sure you do plenty of advance planning, making 100% sure that each place you are going to stay will accept your dog. Read the rules too, so you know exactly where they are (and most importantly, where they are not) allowed to go. 

Have you ever gone on holiday with your dog?