Hiring Car Abroad- Is It Worth It?

Hiring a car can be really convenient when you're travelling abroad. It gives you the freedom to get from A to B without having to rely on public transport, and gives you much more control over where you can go. But it's not for every type of trip or destination. Here are a few points to bear in mind so you can decide if it's worth it.

Where are You Travelling To?
For some vacations and destinations, hiring a car makes good sense. Maybe you're staying in a more countryside area which is a distance away from the shops and attractions. Perhaps you want to explore a wider area outside of where you're staying. In this case, hiring a car can be useful. When it comes to busy cities and more built up areas however, you may be best sticking to public transport.

Are You an Experienced Driver?
If you're travelling to a part of the world where they drive on the other side of the road, this can be confusing and can cause less experienced drivers to make dangerous mistakes. It's a good idea to have been driving for a number of years in the country where you learned before attempting it elsewhere. And be sure to practise in a quiet area when you arrive to familiarise yourself with everything rather than hitting the main roads and hoping for the best.

Is It Safe?
Safety is a huge concern when driving abroad. Many countries will have a much more 'relaxed' approach to driving laws- meaning pretty much anything goes. Driver will speed, make dangerous moves on the road and generally have a very different style of driving to what you're used to. Do some research before you go into the kinds of driving conditions in the country you're travelling in. If it's an area where lots of people and tourists are killed on the roads by speeding cars then you might be better off re-thinking your decision.

Are You Travelling With Kids or Disabled People?
When you're travelling with kids or people with disabilities, having a car is often a good idea. It gives you more freedom and doesn't require you to struggle on busy public transport with  pushchairs and wheelchairs. You know you're not going to end up on packed trains or buses with no seats with children or people who struggle to stand for long periods. So it gives you an element of certainty.

How Long Are You Staying For?
If you're only away for a few days, you might find public transport isn't too much of an inconvenience. Rather than the hassle of messing around with forms, getting the right ID sorted and collecting/ returning your vehicle. For longer trips hiring a car is more worthwhile since it will get more use.