Want to do Something Awesome This Summer? Volunteer Abroad!

There are few things that are more rewarding and fulfilling in life than helping others. When you volunteer your time you can be safe in the knowledge that you are making a genuine difference and helping those who have been born into a life less fortunate than your own. There are lots of places in the world who are desperate for volunteers to help, so if you want to do something awesome this summer why not go for it? You'll get to see a country and a new part of the world that you'd probably never have thought to travel to. And it's a completely different experience compared with visiting for a holiday and lying around in a luxury resort or on the beach. Here are a few of the different types of volunteering around the world you can get involved with.


Is working with animals or saving the environment your kind of thing? Countries like Australia with their unique climate and wildlife offer opportunities like this. You can help to plant trees or take care of different plants or animals. You could help to clear up coastlines. Picking up litter might not sound like the most rewarding job but it genuinely does make a big difference, and these efforts all contribute towards a better, greener planet.


Many parts of the world have an influx of orphaned and abandoned children. In places like Africa where both health issues and political uncertainty exist, unfortunately lots of children are taken to orphanages as they have been left without parents. You can volunteer your time by teaching children new skills. You don't need to be a qualified teacher or tutor, even basic numeracy and english skills ar incredibly useful to them. Lots of children in countries in Africa will grow up to work in shops or run their own small businesses so these kinds of skills are crucial. You get to help children from parts of the world that are hugely deprived and could go on to make a real difference in their lives. Other parts of the world such as Latin America always have volunteering opportunities for working with children too. While these countries aren't as impoverished, they are always on the lookout for volunteers to teach English to children. 


Volunteers are needed in many areas of the world to help build orphanages, houses and community buildings more. Again you don't have to work in the construction industry or have a tonne of experience to be able to do this. Labouring on site and helping with things like painting is all extremely useful, and with everyone's skills and efforts combined you can help to brighten the lives of poor communities.