Is It Possible To Explore London On A Budget?

There's so much to see and do in London, but a visit to the luxurious capital can really put a dent in your wallet. Five star hotels, posh restaurants and luxury attractions don't come cheap! However, the good thing about London is there's something for everyone. If you're on a budget there's lots of less expensive and even free things to do which can allow you to have fun and keep down costs. Here's how to go about it.

One good thing about London is it's efficient public transport. You're not going to get far in a car and a taxi will cost you a small fortune, but get yourself an Oyster Card and you can get around without spending much at all (go for a visitor Oyster card if you don't live in the city). London also runs something called the ‘Boris Bike Scheme’, this allows you to hire bikes cheaply which is another a cost-effective way to get around London. You could even focus on one area of London on your trip and walk from place to place which won't cost a thing!

Many top chefs across the world have restaurants in London, but a meal at one of these places will cost you a pretty penny, For less expensive alternatives how about visiting a cafe or a more budget friendly restaurant. Looking at menus online before you go will give you an indication of price so you don't get a nasty shock! You could even pack a picnic or a packed lunch and eat alfresco in one of London’s beautiful parks if the weather is nice.

Along with their luxurious shops, there are also a wide range of less expensive boutiques and smaller shops scattered across London. Another place to shop on a budget would be the markets, here you are able to find all kinds of fresh, handmade or unique items. So no need to fret if you want your dose of retail therapy but don't have a whole heap of money to spend.

Tourist attractions in London can cost a bomb: The London Eye, The Tower of London and river cruises aren't going to be on your agenda if you're looking to keep costs down. However there are lots of galleries and museums which are completely free to enter. Again you have the parks to enjoy, or you could take your camera and snap the sights.