London: Off The Beaten Track

When people hear that you’re off to London for a break, they’ll be quick to list you all the places you absolutely must see. The London Eye, Buckingham Palace and The Aquarium to name a few will likely come up. However, if you’re a regular to the city, you’ll likely have been to all of those places plus more! Being a capital city, London has a charm that you can’t deny and yet, people don’t realise that it has so much more to offer than just the standard tourist traps. Thankfully, it’s very easy to get off the beaten track in London, even if you are staying centrally in great serviced apartments from You can leave the crowds behind and take your friends somewhere entirely new and see London in a whole new light. There’s nothing better than making memories, and with the list below you can see another side of London, giving you a new appreciation for the city.

Dennis Severs’s House
You’ve probably heard of Spitalfield’s Market, but you likely haven’t heard of Dennis Sever's House. Around 30 years ago, Dennis bought a home in London and refurbished it - without any electricity - to make it a time warp house without mod cons that we are used to now. It’s a private house so you won’t find it listed in the museum booklets for London, but it does open up from time to time. Soak up the atmosphere in silence and appreciate a forgotten time.

Speaker’s Corner
It’s not just a corner nearby to beautiful Hyde Park. Speaker’s Corner has a literal soapbox for people to get on and rant. If you need any more convincing to go and see the speakers, remember that Lenin and even Karl Marx once stood here! You may hear something interesting!

Highgate Cemetery
 Okay maybe it's a little morbid, as you’ll rarely hear anyone tell you to head to a cemetery as an attraction. However Highgate Cemetery offers tours and has an entry fee, but you can see graves of the famous Malcolm McLaren and Karl Marx as well as George Eliot. Peaceful and historical, it’s definitely one to see.

Guildhall Art Gallery
Unlike the other famed London galleries, Guildhall has a huge Roman amphitheatre underneath the city! It’s only been discovered in the last twenty years and it’s been preserved for people to view. It does open your mind to the fact that London has been built over other things, and there was a whole other world. The best bit? It’s free to enter and view!

London is a city buzzing with music, theatre and food that is simply to die for. The popularity of the tourist traps is what draws most people to the city but there are so many places that you can soak up the London culture and history without queueing for hours to get into. Tour the pubs that have been around for years and enjoy the city that isn’t often seen or appreciated.