The Group Getaway: Five Top Tips To Maximise The Family Fun

Group getaways are the perfect vacations that allow large families (or sets of friends) to come together for the holiday of a lifetime. As the old saying goes; it’s a case of the more, the merrier. Nonetheless, there are a variety of steps which must be taken if you wish to maximise that enjoyment. Whether you’re organising your first outing or just need a reminder of the crucial factors needed to get it right, these holiday hacks are for you. 

#1. Get The Travel Right 
If you’re an experienced traveller, you probably don’t mind the long journeys and minor discomforts. After all, they’re all a part of the adventure. When with kids, however, making flights less stressful is vital for everyone involved. Meanwhile, a bigger group may struggle to get taxis together. Renting a minibus can quickly solve those issues. Along as the adults share those driving duties fairly, there should be no problems during your stay.

#2. Go For Private Accommodation 
When travelling in a big group, staying together is a major factor. Being spread out across several hotel floors or venues can extend organisational tasks. This means you’ll have less time to enjoy the fun activities. Luxury apartments Marbella solve this problem while also providing a sense of extra privacy. Better still, you won’t need to end the group fun when it gets to bar closing times as you’ll all be sleeping in the same place. For larger travel parties, it’s often a far cheaper option too. 

#3. Know The Boundaries 
Holidaying with someone is vastly different to spending a day out together. Whether it’s a long weekend or a fortnight in the sun, you will essentially be living with each other for that short period of time. Vacations are known to be a very testing time for friend groups and even distant relatives. Learning to understand the boundaries for jokes, pranks, and disagreements is vital if you want to retain your sanity. While it’s great that you can enjoy attractions together, a little privacy or time to explore the area alone can be very beneficial. 

#4. Look For Group Deals 
Vacations are a time to forget about finances to some extent. Still, it’s impossible to switch off entirely, and getting better value is always going to put a smile on your faces. As you should know from normal life, buying in bulk quantities can often secure discounts. Whether you’re visiting a theme park, booking public transport, or eating out, those numbers can work in your favour. In many cases, deals will be clear. If not, there’s no harm in conducting negotiations. The worst they can do is say no. 

#5. Take Personal Responsibility 
It’s natural for the group holiday to have a leader, as this is just an example of social standing and personalities. Nonetheless, you cannot expect someone else to do everything, which is why you must take responsibility. From advising the banks that you’re going away to booking the necessary tourist visas, knowing that you (and your kids) are organised is vital. If everyone in the party takes care of their individual issues, there can be no room for arguments when someone forgets something.