Optimising City Travel

Holidaying in a city is a great way of experiencing more culture and more different ways of life than you can on the average village/coastal/small town trip. Cities have their own vibes, and they tend to be the home to the biggest must-see sights and sounds of the place you’re visiting, but because they are so buzzing, you need to really plan well to make the most of your journey. Here are a few things that will help you with that:

Safety First
Travelling to cities is generally a little more dangerous than travelling to more rural locations, simply because there are bigger crowds and it’s easier for pickpockets and other opportunists to strike and relieve tourists of their possessions, or worse. So, put your own safety first, try to blend in with your surroundings and make sure that anything valuable you’re carrying is in a safe place that can’t be easily accessed by criminals.

Make Friends with Public Transport
It’s usually easier to travel around big cities via their public transport system because the roads can get pretty congested, So before you go, check out what public transport is available and how it works. Then, when you get there, head to a tourist information booth and pick up a map or two to ensure that you don’t end up getting lost frequently.

Work Out Your Landmark Route
As you can see by looking at www.vlondoncity.co.uk, big cities like London have a huge number of amazing attractions that tourists like you will eat up, but if you want to see as many of them as possible, you need to get organised. You need to work out what you want to see and which landmarks are close by, so that you can see them in order, thus saving time and money and allowing you to squeeze even more in. Spontaneity is great, but if you don’t work out a sightseeing route, you probably won’t fit everything in.

Book a Room Close to the Action
Another thing you should do if you want to squeeze as much in as possible is to book your accommodation as close to the action - as in the areas that have the most stuff you want to do- as possible. By doing this, you won’t need to travel anywhere near as often, and this will mean you can do more and pay less.

Research the Neighbourhoods
Most cities are divided into various neighbourhoods, each with its own distinctive flavour. For example. There may be a hipster area where you’ll find lots of good coffee and vegetarian foods, a historic quarter, like Manchester’s Northern Quarter - where you’ll see lots of interesting landmarks and a market area where you’ll see lots of unique things for sale. By researching as many parts of the city as you can in advance, it’s easier for you to concentrate on the areas that you’re likely to get the most out of.

Try New Things
Cities are melting pots of culture, and you’ll have a much better time if you embrace that and see, taste and do things that you wouldn’t normally - it’ll be like travelling the world without leaving the city limits.