Travelling to Canada? You Need to Know About VPNs

Any internet user who is concerned about the safety and privacy online appreciates the need of a reliable VPN. For many Canadian nationals, Edward Snowden’s shocking revelation five years ago shook them to their core and learning about the NSA-style spying systems happening in Canada is the more unsettling. 

Data Breaches in Canada 
For a long time, CSE has been illegally using the traveler’s data obtained from a major airport’s WI-FI connection to track them in the name of national security. The information collected was later being used to track unsuspecting travelers after they had left the airport. While it is a legal protective measure put in place to monitor foreigners entering the nation, there lacks a filter separating nationals from visitors, which means that everyone that sets foot in the airport is monitored there and then on. Supporters of the scheme claim that the CSE is in a position to collect a user’s data even without a warrant from the federal court judges, but critics that far prefer privacy over the alleged protection did not receive it well. When required by the law to destroy the metadata in CSE’s illegally possession, the CSE does not oblige, showing the strong disposition of the agency and it’s backing government on surveillance and control. While some officials feel that they need that much access to ensure protection over the state, critics of the agency maintain that the body should at least try and work following the laid out legalities. For instance, any information collected on the Canadian nationals within a period when there is no warrant should be destroyed, but will they ever be? 

Metadata Surveillance in Canada 
Metadata is a term used to refer to all the information that surrounds a given internet communication like an envelope. Metadata interception means reading or accessing fine details of a correspondence such as the IP address of the device in use, the exact location of an electronic device, the phone number, and identity of the user. In Canada, the use of metadata surveillance system was first implemented in the year 2005 but it was suspended about 3 years later on grounds of unwanted surveillance over unsuspecting Canadians. The program was, however, reintroduced by Defense Minister Peter MacKay through a ministerial directive. The reintroduction meant the re-start of an electronic eavesdropper that would collect all communication records without the knowledge of the person using the device. According to the national defense act, the agency should only hold information that will only allow them to conduct the necessary surveillance on foreign intelligence targets, look at their social relationships and maintain checks on cyber-related crimes. Although metadata surveillance does not include the exact content of a communication channel, it gives all the relevant trails that can help trace a user, the device or the location. 

Benefits of Using A VPN in Canada 
The assured safety of your data and correspondences is one of the big wins of using a VPN in Canada. For a country whose leadership seems to okay mass surveillance, and with no clear-cut measures to ensure that it's nationals do not fall, victims of the same, then clearly, it is all on you to put up necessary measures to keep your telecommunications data safe. VPNS can also be fantastic for viewing content that's not available in the country you live in, sites like Netflix for example restrict some shows and movies based on location. Check out the best vpn for Netflix if you want to completely open up the site.

How Does A VPN Ensure Data Safety? 
Data is secured through a process known as encryption. Encrypting data ensures that it cannot be accessed by the unintended user and even if this happens, then the third party is not able to tamper or use the information or data. A VPN also encrypts traffic such that it does not leave any traces of where it came from. Instead of displaying your internet protocol address, the VPN shows its internet address. This means that you can send information from location ‘A’ via a VPN server in location ‘B’ and an interceptor will not be able to tell your exact location. Using a VPN with a Canada server is also the quickest connection to any site that you could be trying to access within the state. The VPN creates a short and quick access offering you a streamlined connection. Last but not least, a VPN in Canada offers its users with easy and direct access to Canadian live sports streaming even when the user is outside the geographical boundaries of the nation. Are you a hockey fan and interested in following the live streaming this year? Catch the action via ExpressVPN as it does down. We have a strong Canada VPN that will help you overcome the access blocks and enjoy smooth access similar to the people who are within the nation! 

When you allow a third party to have access to your private information, you are basically leaving your security at their mercy. Lacking sufficient data privacy is like walking naked. Do not give up control over your safety and general security, limit what anyone can see and link back to you. Get more from the internet of things, go about this safely. The only sure way to achieve this is to use a VPN.