Water You Waiting For? Adventures to Have With Water!

When we think of active holidays, plenty of land based adventures spring to mind. We think of people who decide to hike through miles of terrain. We consider the people who cycle from one end of a country to another. We consider dirt biking, buggies, and quad bikes. Then we might even think of air based activities, such as sky diving or bungee jumping. But what are the options for those of us who prefer to spend our time in the water? You don’t necessarily have to be limited to a dip in the hotel pool or a quick paddle in the sea. There are plenty of adrenaline inducing and awe inspiring water based activities you could try out next time you are away! Here are a few to consider.

An Aqua Park
You don’t necessarily have to be near the sea to go on a watery adventure. If you are in a landlocked location, why not consider visiting an aqua park? Aqua parks are man made attractions that are filled with different types of pools. There are usually slides, wave machines, and other features that will leave you smiling for days, hours, or even weeks once you get out!

Snorkelling is simultaneously relaxing and eye opening. You can get up close and personal to a range of underwater species while swimming along at your own speed. You will have to stay relatively near to the surface, but as long as you choose the right area, you should set your sights on some beautiful underwater landscapes. Snorkelling tends to be particularly popular in coral reefs.

For those of us who enjoy snorkelling and want to explore the depths of the ocean a little further, there’s always the option of diving. Now, in order to dive you will generally have to undergo a little training, which will ensure that you can use the breathing equipment properly. Avoid diving alone and always go with a guide. They will know the area better than you and can help to ensure that you make your way back to the boat safely once you’re done.

The Blue Lagoon
If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, but something that is still truly memorable, why not visit the Blue Lagoon? This outdoor heated pool lies in a stunning landscape, so you can swim or float with the sky above you and mountains surrounding you. Perhaps the most notable part of this popular attraction? The unique milky blue waters! If you’re looking for sheer luxury, buy an upgraded package, where you will receive complementary face masks, drinks from the poolside bar, and gowns for when you get back out into the chilly air.

These, of course, are just a few different options that you have available to you. There are plenty more out there! So, next time you are away, why not dedicate a little more time to exploring the surf? You will place yourself in unfamiliar landscapes and scenarios and seriously benefit from them - it’ll all be more than worth it!