Lively or Laid Back? Two Different Holidays to Suit!

Sometimes you want a holiday that's all about rest and relaxation. At other times, you want to travel as a way to explore, or even let your hair down and party! Tropical weather and gorgeous views are  something worth looking for on any trip, but you don't have to spend the whole time laying on the beach every time you go away. Here are some ideas whether you're after something lively or laid back. 

Party in Marbella 
Marbella is a wondrous mix of breathtaking scenery and vibrant nightlife, with hopping beach bars, lively night clubs and ultra-luxurious yachts lining the Puerto Banus marina. Hotels in Marbella encompass all aspects of this complex and beautiful city. Puerto Banus is a mecca for the individual seeking out an energetic nightlife. Discos, clubs, and bars fill the night air with the flamboyant partying crowd juxtaposed against the day time shops of Chopard, Roberto Cavalli, and Hermes. Marbella Old Town referred to as Casco Antiguo by the locals, is made up of small town squares with Renaissance style, classical buildings surrounding it. Hotels and villas in Marbella that line this area of the city will position you in a beautiful historical setting. Holiday rentals in Marbella are plentiful in this area and provide perfect accommodations for a cozy, quite stay. 

The quaint narrow streets lined with statues, churches, whitewashed houses, and fountains are packed in with novelty shops throughout the small lanes in Old Town. The city’s significant archeological heritage is reflected in The Ermita del Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz church situated in la Plaza del Santo Cristo, nestled in Old Town, and dates back further than the 15th century. Situated on the beautiful Mediterranean, it is no surprise that water sports are a popular pastime, as well as a large tourist attraction. There's sailing, dolphin and whale watching, wakeboarding and numerous other adventurous water activities. Sphereing, or zorbing, is a popular and fun sport to do too, Of course, these are activities you can enjoy all over the world - check out SD Adventures if you want to tick these off your bucket list without heading to Spain. However, where else but Marbella could be better to climb into a big clear ball and roll downhill at breakneck speed? There are many water parks in and around Marbella. Figuring out how to fit all the possible activities in is the challenge! Perhaps you could really make it a trip to remember and book a jet charter to get around with speed and style- check it out here

Finding great food is never a problem in Marbella there are plenty of Michelin Star Restaurants in the area: Calima, El Lago, and Skina in Marbella Old Town. With its setting on the Mediterranean, it is not surprising that fish is the main ingredient of Marbella food. Typical Spanish style cooking is the normal fanfare for Marbella food with fish included in many dishes. Tapas, a snack portion that is usually served with an adult beverage, are a common food in Marbella. Rice dishes called Paella are also common. 

Go on an adventure in Tanzania
Don’t worry; you don't have to be an adrenaline seeker to enjoy this type of holiday, as there are many different holiday packages all suited to different people. You can even go on an adventure tour with small children. These holidays give you the chance to see places and experience activities you would not usually get to if on a standard vacation. So, now you know all of the reasons why you should think about going on an adventure tour, but why Tanzania? 

• Zanzibar – This is one of the most popular places to visit in Tanzania and for good reason. When you visit this area, you will experience crystal clear water and sparkling white beaches. It truly is a magical location where you can relax and appreciate your stunning surroundings. There are plenty of activities to enjoy here too; from swimming with dolphins, to going on a spice plantation tour, to scuba diving. 

• Festivals – There are many festivals that take place throughout the year in Tanzania, meaning there is always something fun, colourful and interesting to enjoy. This includes everything from sporting competitions to festivals that celebrate the local arts. You will get a real feel for the culture in the country by attending one of these events. 

• Walking safaris – You simply cannot go to Tanzania without experiencing a safari, as there are so many fascinating animals to witness. There are many different safari tours that are available. However, the walking safaris are popular because they give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with animals in their natural environment. 

• Mount Kilimanjaro - Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most famous mountains in the entire world. Whether you enjoy hiking or not, this is an experience you will never forget. The views you will get to witness are truly out of this world and cannot be done justice by mere words. 

It is quite clear to see that there are many reasons why you should consider an adventure Tanzania tour for your next vacation. This is a country that has so much to offer, and there is something for everybody to enjoy. The only thing you need to do now is find the best overland tour for your requirements. Do your research and think about what you want to get from your trip before booking. It is also a good idea to read reviews that have been left by previous holidaymakers too. 

So there we have it: two completely contrasting holidays that you should definitely consider adding to your travel bucket list! No matter what option you go for, you are bound to have a vacation to remember for all of the right reasons.