A Backpackers Dream

Some people prefer to save their money and go on a nice holiday to an all inclusive resort once a year. Some people love to go backpacking and travel around the world, staying in hostels and really immersing themselves in the culture. As of late it seems backpacking is much more popular than it once used to be. It is a way of people seeing the world like they’ve never seen it before. Due to this growing popularity, some countries have been adapting to the increase of people backpacking, making some areas and absolute dream to visit. If you’re wondering where you can go, then check out this post.

This has become a really popular one in the last few years. The many islands that Thailand has draws hundreds of thousands of people there each year. The growth in popularity has flooded cash into Thailand that they didn’t once have, meaning the restaurants and bars are booming, and the country is really developing at a faster rate. Most people go to Thailand before heading over to Australia, but a lot just go to explore the islands. If you’re going, make sure you visit them all to have a truly wonderful experience. If you’re there when one is on, be sure not to miss the full moon party if you’re wanting a treat. The Grand Palace shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for some culture.

Bali is another incredible country that sees thousands of backpackers each year, and for good reason, it is a truly wonderful country. There are so many beautiful sights to see here. Backpackers holiday packages to Bali really aren’t that expensive either. Once you’re there, spending money is super cheap. The main bulk of your spending will be on the actual package holiday itself. Whilst you’re there make sure you visit the temple, a sacred place that really is beautiful to be around. There’s also a waterpark if you’re looking to have a bit of fun. The Sekumpul waterfalls are also a firm favourite with any tourist that goes to Bali.

Peru might not offer the scenic views that the previous two suggestions do, but it does offer rich culture and a good time. People usually head there to see wonders such as Machu Picchu. Holidays overall aren’t that expensive, and again, very little spending money is needed. This is why these destinations are so cheap for backpackers. Everything you’ll do in Peru involves walking or hiking, so prepare your walking boosts. If you want to see incredible things such as Aguas Calientes then you’re definitely going to be doing a fair amount of walking. If you’re looking for a bit of history whilst you’re there, Museo Larco should definitely be on your list. A lot of the historical venues and areas are free of charge as well.

If you’re heading on a backpacking trip this year, you should definitely consider heading to one of these three. If you’re not, then please do let us know where your backpacking is going to take you in 2018.