Straying From the Beaten Track in London

London has a whole lot to offer. With its efficient tube system, you have easy access to six unique and expansive zones. So why confine yourself to the same old jaunts? Sure, if you have a favourite spot, you’re likely to frequent it. But every now and then it’s worth venturing further afield or out of your comfort zone to see what else the big city has to offer. Here are just a few alternative places to try out next time you fancy something a little bit different!

Bunga Bunga Bar
If cocktails in quirky atmospheres are your thing, Bunga may well be the next place to add to your London bucket list. Located in bustling Covent Garden, you may want to reserve a table before going, especially if you plan to visit on a Friday or Saturday night. While it may require a little organisation, you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about. Stepping through a meat locker, you’ll find yourself transported into a hidden bar, offering some of the most delicious cocktails that the culinary world has to offer. Host to two bars, the unique setting will see you encounter some of the finest entertainers around. Prepare yourself for sparkler, singing, juggling, and fire performances. The icing on the cake? Testing one of the venue’s infamous metre long pizzas. No other bar quite compares!

Paranormal Tours
Halloween may well have come and gone this year, but the spirits remain and one of London’s spooky paranormal tours can lead you in the direction towards some astounding, creepy encounters to write home about. Hunt ghosts and poltergeists, try your hand at a ouija board, visit old plague pits, take a look at old execution sites, and finish off your night at London gin palace’s gaol cells that played host to one of the region’s worst historical serial killers with specialist tour guides. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be taking a fair few steps on your journey. Now go ahead and book your spot, if you dare.

Hip Hop Brunch
If hip hop and R&B are more to your taste, you don’t always have to head on big nights out to get your fix. Why not try out the hip hop brunch? This Saturday event takes place in daylight hours, but will still ensure that you get your fill of classics and modern day favourites. What’s more? You will receive a three course Dirty South Brunch with cocktails to boot! This is the perfect event for those who have to be up early on Sundays but don’t exactly want to sit home knitting and sipping cups of tea.

Don’t be afraid to stray from the beaten track with your social life. We’re all guilty of getting too comfortable with our local, or attending the same old events time and time again. But London has so much to offer that it’d be a shame to let some of the alternative events out there to go to waste. Make the most of it!