Are You a Traveller at Heart? Look Out For These Signs!

You probably haven’t stumbled upon this website by accident, so chances are, you will be a born traveller. If you have a wanderlust, and think about adventures in far-flung places all of the time, then you will be able to relate to some of the items on this list. On the other hand, you may be the travelling equivalent of a couch potato. The idea of travel interests you, but you would much rather see other places from the comfort of your sofa rather than take the risk of venturing too far yourself. So, which side of the travel coin do you fall under? Consider the following signs, and you may find the answer.

Signs You Are a Traveller at Heart

1. You have a backpack ready to go
It doesn’t matter if you have just been away or not. You are always prepared for adventure, and your backpack is stocked up with all the essentials ready for your next outing. If need be, you will stop what you’re doing at the drop of a hat (probably an Indiana Jones fedora) and get on that train, plane, or any other mode of transport to continue your travels. The world awaits, so why waste time spending your precious hours at home.

2. Your bucket list is ever-expanding
Chances are, you have already ticked off half your bucket list already, especially if it is filled with places to visit. Of course, expense is always an issue, especially if you are travelling overseas, so you may also be adding new destinations to your list on a regular basis. Whether it’s seeing the Northern Lights or traversing the Grand Canyon, there will be a lot to do before you die, so let’s hope you get the time to do everything.

3. You always get off the beaten track
It doesn’t matter where in the world you are - it may even be on your front doorstep - you always take the route less travelled. Your curiosity holds no bounds, and there is no telling what may be lying around the corner. It could be a cave of forgotten treasures, or it may just be a brick wall and a dead-end, but you will never know unless you walk that path. Your the person who throws away the tourist guide because it means nothing to you. When your senses alert you to something just beyond reach, you follow them, knocking over the ‘keep off the grass’ signs as you go.

4. Travel apps have filled up your phones memory
You don’t need Candy Crush anyway - even on the plane, you’re too busy gazing at the scenery instead of playing time-consuming games on your phone. Instead, you have all manner of travel apps on your phone, from currency converters to interactive maps of the places you intend to visit. Not only that, but you have probably bookmarked hordes of travel websites too, and have an itinerary for every conceivable destination already filling your storage space.

Signs You Weren’t Born To Travel

1. You get lost very easily
Getting lost isn’t a problem for experienced travellers. With a flick of the compass and an eye towards the sun, they can get to where they need to be with little problem. If, on the other hand, you have no idea which way is North, and you panic every time you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, you probably don’t have the travelling spirit. You should probably leave a trail of breadcrumbs every time you leave the house, as you may have trouble finding your way home again.

2. You haven’t explored your own town or city
There are travellers who spend more time out of the country than staying in their own, and that’s fine. However, if you are somebody who has never ventured out of your hometown, and have barely even explored it, you probably don’t have the heart for travel at all. It’s amazing how many people don’t get used to their own geography. We came across this great explanation of counties, and perhaps like you, seemingly the local people in the article didn’t know what county they were living in. Remarkable!

3. You are a typical tourist abroad
You might actually go on holiday once in a while, and that is a good thing. However, there are loads of people who only stick with what they know. They head to the same hotel, visit places populated with people just like them (probably all wearing Union Jack t-shirts if they’re from the UK), and only eat food that they are familiar with. Egg and chips aren’t on the menu? An outrage! You don’t venture far from the resort, you rigidly stick to your tour guide (written or human), and can’t wait to get home again, as your Digibox has been set to record all your fave tv shows. You are a typical tourist, and while there isn’t anything wrong with that, you still don’t have all the traveller credentials.

And so…
Which are you? Chances are, you probably already know that answer, so you don’t need us to tell you. Born to travel, or not, don’t be afraid to take a few risks here and there. There is a whole world to see, and you only have one lifetime to do it in. Have fun, whatever you do!