You've Got A Friend In Me: Forming Lasting Friendships During Your Travels

Travel is wonderful because of the experiences it opens us to. We get to see new sights, sounds and cultures, all of which have can work to change our outlook on life. Hence why travelling can can improve your life and transform your thinking. It can open your eyes to the things you take for granted and make you confront aspects of your personality you’ve never seen before. And, the opportunities don’t stop there. Travelling also exposes us to a wealth of new people and potential friends. Nothing beats making a lasting friendship while you travel. Instead of knowing you because they’re close and it’s convenient, friends you make while away can become lifelong soulmates. After all, you picked each other out of everyone else. These are friends you’re likely to have the most in common with, and that’s important. Not to mention that friends from different cultures can teach you a lot about ways of life you weren’t aware of.  But making lasting friends while you're away isn’t always easy. Time is often limited, and cultural differences can make communication tricky. Which is why we’re going to look at a few of the ways you can ensure that such friendships stand the test of time. 

Knowing where to meet people
You can’t make friends if you don’t know where to meet people while you’re away. Of course, this varies from place to place. Often, something as simple as going out for a drink can lead you to new friends. But, if you want something which is guaranteed, you could always book up for something like these Travelsphere escorted tours where you’re sure to meet like minded people you can spend a lot of time with. Many a friendship has been formed this way. Equally, getting involved in social activities can offer friendship opportunities. Something as simple as getting involved in local entertainment will throw you into the thick of things. Always be on the lookout for social opportunities like these. 

Overcoming fear of cultural differences
Even for the regular travellers among us, cultural differences can seem daunting. Many of us shy away from having full depth conversations in languages other than our own. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves by getting things wrong, or not being able to understand. We also shy away from more subtle cultural differences, like popular culture and manners. Again, we don’t want to get things wrong or offend anyone. So, other than polite exchanges, many of us fail to develop in-depth relationships with people we meet out and about. In truth, though, cultural differences aren’t generally as vast as we expect. Language is the highest barrier to cross. But, you can pick things up fast during general conversations. And, if you explain the situation to the person you’re talking to, they’re sure to take things slowly for you. As for the rest, even small differences in popular culture and what’s considered polite are easy to overcome. For the most part, we’re all much more similar than you might expect. Instead of shying away from differences, embrace them. Point out how your cultures vary, and you may find that you can bond over this. Differences certainly aren’t anything to shy away from. 

Spend time together
Of course, one chance meeting doesn’t make a lasting friendship. During your time away, it’s important to make time for the potential new friends you meet. That doesn’t mean that you have to impose on their time or give up your holiday to the cause. But, it’s worth setting a date to meet at least once or twice and spending substantial time together. Simple things, like dinner dates, or meeting for a drink will do the trick here. Spend that time getting to know each other in the same way you would with a new friend back home. Find whether you have common ground. Then, consider whether the relationship is worth continuing.