Enjoying Amsterdam: Your Guide

Amsterdam is a place to go if you want to experience a little bit of everything. After all, it is full to the brim with stunning architecture, lots of intriguing shops, an array of fun and fantastic attractions, and a rich and artistic history – to name but a few things. Doing your research and planning will ensure you make the most of what Amsterdam has to offer. 

Book your accommodation and have a plan in place
You don’t have to book your holiday months and months in advance. Nevertheless, don’t leave it until the very last minute because you will have no time to plan your trip. Not only this, but you may find that costs rise and you miss out on the best vacation rentals in Amsterdam too because they are fully booked. This is why it is a good idea to open a bank account online in advance and start saving every month for your trip. Take a look on the internet and have a look at the different options available. Once you have booked, you will be able to devise a plan for your weekend. You don’t need to have a stringent plan in place – just an idea of a few things you would like to do each day. This will make it easier for you to be organised and ensure that you get a lot out of your trip away. 

Experience all Amsterdam has to offer by renting a bike
Cycling is by far one of the most popular ways to get about in Amsterdam. This is what makes the city truly unique, they genuinely care about the environment and have set up the roads in a way that are friendly to bikes. Amsterdam is a city by definition; it has a large population and it has all the attractions and amenities you would expect from a city. But in terms of ambience and character it is more like a large village. This is truly astounding to witness in person. And the fact that everyone cycles around plays a massive role in creating this delightful atmosphere. If you rent a bike you will not only save money but you will get a true taste for Amsterdam whilst witnessing some fantastic views along the way too – not to mention the famous canals! 

Embrace art at the famous Van Gogh Museum
This is a place of interest for just about everyone; whether you are a big fan of art or not. The museum displays over a monumental 200 paintings and 550 sketches created by the world famous artist. And if you are one of many who deem the museum shop to be the highlight, then you won’t be disappointed at the Van Gogh Museum. The gift shop is full of fantastic little gems. 

Take a trip to one of the infamous coffee shops
As you probably know; Amsterdam is well-known for being a place whereby cannabis is legal. You can enjoy this in one of the coffee shops in the city. Whether you want to try an intoxicating treat or not is entirely up to you, but a lot of people like to take the opportunity to see what these coffee shops are like. This is definitely something you should tick off of your to-do list. 

Other recommendations
Some other places of interest you might want to discover on your trip: visit the canal houses, witness the Renzo Piano’s buildings, witness the tower at Westerkerk, and take your pick from an array of exciting and innovative museums – from the Rembrandt House Museum to the Erotic Museum. It is fair to say that Amsterdam has something for all!