Three Ways To Enjoy A Traditional British Holiday

The Earth is a massive place, so when it comes to travel options you're never going to be short on choice. You could head to the Maldives or explore New York for example, but both definitely require a lot of travel and come at a cost too. If you’re someone that wants to strip your travel plans back, staying in the UK is always a great idea. Here are three ways you can enjoy a brilliantly British break.

 1. Go To The City
The UK has some incredible, vibrant and interesting cities. You could explore the capital; a mini break in London can be romantic, adventurous or family friendly depending on what you want. But there are plenty other options too- Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester and Liverpool to name a few. Book in some touristy things, take in the architecture, enjoy some nice food, you could even book a tour to learn more about it's history and heritage.

 2. Enjoy a Staycation
A staycation can be a lot of fun, and gives you a chance to explore the place where you live. Many of us overlook how interesting our home soil can be- there's more than likely attractions, restaurants and all kinds of things you've never done (or not done in years). If you book into a local hotel and actually look to enjoy your local area, you’ll still have that break away kind of feeling, but not be too far from home! You could go camping or  hire a boat or barge, best of all it won't break the bank and you could even bring your dog with you!

 3. Go To The Seaside
Britain might not be known for tropical weather and golden beaches, but that doesn't mean there aren't some beautiful coastal spots. For this, you could stay in a B&B but for a more authentic experience, stay at a holiday park. Take a look at the infographic below for more information on this.
Infographic Design By Lyons Holiday Parks