Backpacking: The Most Humble Yet Incredible Way To See The World

Most of us wish we could travel more in life, but one thing that holds us back is money. Between flights, hotels, excursions, dining out and spending money there's no doubt about it- the cost of travelling can add up quickly. However there are ways to see the world that don't require huge amounts of money, and one way is to go backpacking. Sure you won't get a five star experience, but you get to see the world in a more humble way. Most importantly, you can get out there and travel without money holding you back. Here are some of the ways you can go backpacking and see the world without a massive budget.

When you're staying in motels and hostels instead of high end hotels, you can save some serious cash.  If you plan on camping while you backpack then these nights your accommodation will be completely free, or extremely inexpensive if you're using a designated campsite. Always look for travel coupons before you go as a way to save money. When you stay in different places you'll meet other backpackers and travellers, and share experiences that you simply would not have come across any other way. Many countries have their own 'hostel cards' which give you access to a chain of hostels, and being a cardholder may mean you can get discounts elsewhere too such as cheaper travel. 

Backpacking isn't the time for fine dining, but if you're organised you should be able to eat well. Keep some nutritious snacks and supplies in your pack: things like dried fruit, nuts, protein bars and cereal bars will all give you some much needed energy. You will need to make regular pit stops at supermarkets and stores. Other times you could be sampling the local cuisine by tasting street food from outdoor vendor and eating local produce bought from vibrant markets. Alternatively you could fill up at inexpensive cafes. Food is so integral to many cultures, trying it is all part of the experience. And you don't need to be dining out and chowing down on posh nosh every day to do this!

Much of your time exploring will be done on foot. This means you get to really live and experience everything going on around you. You can also save money while backpacking by taking advantage of public transport and booking things like coaches to get you to your next destination. Unlike taking a holiday where travelling from A to B is a chore, when you're backpacking the journey is all part of the experience. There is no humbler or more incredible way to see the world

Have you ever been backpacking?