Five Classic Dishes To Try On Your Trip To Spain

Foodies visiting Spain- you're in for a treat. Despite being one of the healthiest diets in the world, Spanish food certainly doesn't compromise on flavour. While dishes will vary depending on the region you visit, the Spanish diet mainly consists of healthy and wholesome Mediterranean foods. Ingredients like lean meats, fish, shellfish, olives, legumes, seeds and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables feature heavily- all cooked in a great quality Spanish olive oil of course! Check out some of the wonderful Spanish dishes that you can taste on your trip.

Gazpacho is a tangy refreshing soup which is served ice cold. Containing tomatoes, garlic, onion, herbs, cucumber, chilli and vinegar it is then blended with cold water and bread to thicken. It's usually served as a starter or appetiser from a bowl or sometimes a glass. Exactly the kind of dish you need in the tropical Spanish heat. 

Tapas the name given wide variety of appetisers in Spanish cuisine, which can be served hot or cold. In Spain dinner is usually served between 9 and 11pm, meaning it's common to go 'bar hopping' after work and eat tapas. There are a huge selection of tapas dishes which are are made from different combinations of classic Meditteranian ingredients. From olives to lean meat and fish, sundried tomatoes and herbs such as bay. Be sure to visit a tapas bar and have a nibble of these tasty snacks while you're visiting Spain

Traditional paella uses rabbit or chicken, however seafood is extremely common with most paellas being served with a large array of it. A short grain paella rice is used to absorb liquid quickly without drying out, and is seasoned and with a flavoursome combination of herbs. The luxury spice saffron is often used which gives paella it's golden yellow colour- you can also expect paprika, cayenne pepper and lots of garlic powder. 

A spanish tortilla is an omellete made with eggs and boiled potatoes. Other ingredients such as chorizo or dried meat can be used although this is not strictly traditonal (and there is a certain amount of contraversy surrounding adding extra ingredients!) It can be eaten hot or cold, and is commonly eaten as a main course. Although it can be sliced into small pieces and served as a tapas dish too. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner- it's a hearty and filling Spanish staple.

Churros are made of choux pastry, they are sometimes long and thin in shape other times thick and knotted. The dough is piped using a star shaped nozzle giving churros ridged edges. They are deep fried in pastry and sprinkled with sugar, and can be dipped into hot chocolate or sweetened milk. Despite seeming like a dessert, churros are commonly enjoyed for breakfast by Spaniards although they can be eaten throughout the day too. You will commonly find them sold by street vendors, so keep an eye out while you're on your travels!

What is your favourite Spanish dish?